Why Vote for me?

Hello Everyone!

I feel incredibly honoured to have the chance to stand to become Newbury’s first Labour MP.  West Berkshire is my home. There is not a square inch of this constituency that I do not want to see thrive.

A London girl born and bred, I have been a proud villager in Great Shefford since my husband and I moved there in 1990. I am a Primary School Governor and former Parish Councillor. Our daughter went to the village school, and then to John O’Gaunt’s School in Hungerford and St Barts in Newbury. I was treated for breast cancer locally. And do not get me started on what my village and other communities have had to go through to get flooding problems tackled, and eliminate sewage in our lovely rivers.

This has made me keenly aware of the particular issues we face. You know, as well as I do, the challenges we face across the Newbury constituency after 14 years of Conservative government. Our high streets are struggling, our NHS is crumbling, our schools need improving, our neighbourhoods need proper policing, and our rural communities are relatively isolated with those without cars having to rely on insufficient bus services affecting their access to health, amenities and jobs. We face issues of anti-social behaviour in our market towns, van break-ins and other crimes against our tradespeople, as well as rural crime issues faced by our farming communities.

A changed Labour Party in Government will transform our country and our communities. As your local MP, I will fight for our beautiful area to make sure we get the support we need to thrive once more. As your Prime Minister, Keir Starmer will bring the vision and determination needed to address the challenges we face.

We can see local police in our neighbourhoods again, and schools thriving so every child has the opportunity to succeed. We can see an NHS with the doctors, nurses and equipment it needs through a new workforce plan and the expansion of new technology to diagnose and treat people quickly. We can see our high streets renewed and our small businesses supported by scrapping business rates and bringing in a fairer system. We can see sustainable development with housing for the next generation alongside community infrastructure support. We can see new well-paid jobs as we develop a more sustainable economy. Across our beautiful villages, we can see rural crime tackled, and the opportunity for new bus routes to link up our communities.

We can get our future back, but only if we vote for it. A vote for the Tories will only see the continuation of the chaos of the last 14 years. If you are considering trying to vote tactically to get the Tories out, remember that the Lib Dems previously went into a disastrous coalition propping up a Tory Government. Voting for them is a risk.

Our Lib Dem and Green opponents promise to do things like fixing our NHS, schools, and river sewage problems, but the hard truth is that they can’t deliver any of it without a Labour Government in No10. Labour will actually deliver it, not them.

And at the end of the day do you really want to see this constituency served by an MP on the opposition benches or one on the Government benches? Which do you think will have more clout?

In this election, you can vote for a better future with me as your MP and with a transformative Labour Government.

The Future Under Labour

Labour has a pragmatic and fully costed plan to tackle multiple issues affecting the quality of all of our lives.  There will be a decade of renewal. Realistically we have to set priorities for action. These, Labour’s First Steps for Change (link)are as follows:

  1. Deliver Economic Stability.
  2. Cut NHS Waiting Times.
  3. Launch a new Border Security Command.
  4. Set up Great British Energy.
  5. Crack Down on Antisocial Behaviour.
  6. Recruit 6500 teachers.

The above is just a start to Labour’s plan for the next decade. A Labour Government will be a huge opportunity for our communities. I will represent us to tackle the following urgent things:

  1. Our schools are under severe funding stress with well-managed local schools facing deficits in their budgets over the next two years. Too few teachers and teaching assistants. This needs to be addressed so our wonderful school staff can focus on delivering top quality education for our children, our nation’s future. As someone who has worked in the education and science sector in many roles over the years, I will also work closely with our local Further Education Colleges to help them deliver training provision for our young people to get the skills enabling them to get high quality jobs as Labour develops a new greener, high tech national economy.
  2. Our local health services need support. Labour will fund extra appointments to cut our NHS waiting lists. I was certainly grateful (whilst being treated at the Royal Berks for breast cancer) to have my regular oncologist and surgeon meetings there rather than always having to go into Reading. Labour will also be tackling lack of access to NHS dentistry, a major hole in our local health service provision for those who can’t afford private dentistry.
  3. Flooding increasingly affects our communities due to climate change. Having my own home having been too close to comfort to flooding, and with a vital flood alleviation project delayed for years due to lack of funding, I will lobby for an effective constituency overall plan and funding to deal with it. It’s not just about our comfort and safety, flooding seriously affects our local economy.
  4. Inexcusable sewage pollution of our rivers by Thames Water. Frankly we’ve all had enough of this nonsense blighting our area. Labour has pledged to put failing water companies under tough special measures to clean up their toxic mess and protect people’s health. This will include giving the water regulator powers to block the payment of bonuses until water bosses have cleaned up their filth, making bosses who oversee repeated law breaking face criminal charges, ending self-monitoring so water bosses can’t cover up their sewage dumping,  and introducing severe and automatic fines for sewage dumping that companies can’t ignore.
  5. Insufficient police resources mean that organised gangs have learned that they can operate with relative impunity in targeting trades people’s vans and rural communities. As well as taking action on Antisocial Behaviour, I will lobby for strong action to be taken against such criminals. Another passion of mine is tackling sexual and other violent crimes against women, children and the elderly. There is no room for hate crime in a civilised society. When the most vulnerable in our communities are safer from crime, we are all safer.
  6. Local Council services. Councils across the UK have been struggling to deliver services and balance their budgets as a result of over a decade of Tory cuts to their funding and increasing social care and other needs. Like schools, many across the UK are now hitting the wall.
  7. Housing, Cost of Living and Energy: All interlinked, Labour will tackle these in a coordinated manner. More affordable/social housing and a publicly owned renewable energy company will reduce household bills. Putting more disposable income into people’s pockets will then enable local businesses such as our pubs to thrive again. Building a green economy will secure our national energy security in an increasingly dangerous world, create new well-paid jobs and reduce our carbon emissions. Labour, which really cares about working people and working in genuine partnership with business, will deliver the win-win solutions we desperately need.

For more information on Liz Bell’s professional experience showing her skills to tackle all this please see Link to Press Release and Linked In.


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